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Present master distributors for Bryce Fastener outside the USA

However, thanks to great exports in the first half of 2015, yearly exports totalled 1. For the future, each company should strengthen its R&D and focus on their own core know-how in order to upgrade products and to help transform their business.


So much so that Taiwan will become known as the ‘kingdom of automotive fasteners’.38%) compared to 2014 and resulted in a total export figure of US$4 billion (3.6 billion euros), which was down by 4.8 billion euros) in 2013.


To what extent does the lifting of the EU anti-dumping duty on mainland China’s carbon steel screw exports, impact Taiwanese producers? And how should they respond? “The stopping of the EU anti-dumping duty will seriously impact Taiwanese carbon screw exports to Europe


Present master distributors for Bryce Fastener outside the USA include Hafren Fasteners (UK), Varitech Seguridad (Spain), Fila SAS (France), Sentinel (Australia), Tornitodo (Venezuela), and SecuFast® (the Netherlands). There are also Penta-Nuts™, and a new seven lobe security fastener called STYKFIT® which has a no-wobble key.

These products will be awarded the title of Fastener Technology

Who will be Fastener Technology Innovator 2017? One of the many attractions of Fastener Fair Stuttgart # is the first-hand opportunity to assess new products and services that exhibitors have brought to the market since the last show.


We'll be posting two entries a day leading up to the show – remember to take a note of the stand numbers and attend the special presentation on the final day of the show - where one of these products will be awarded the title of 'Fastener Technology Innovator 2017. So it is possible to drive in more screws than before when using a cordless screwdriver.'  . Compared with conventional thread designs –


The revolutionary thread technology leads to reduced energy needs. “A patent application has also been filed in over 50 countries worldwide.TENZ low energy screws 17 March 2017 Wood is a pure, living and sustainable material, which is why TENZ has introduced a revolutionary thread design for use in wood – TENZ Stairs Thread Technology®.


Diminished friction along the thread also means considerably reduced thermal load on the components of the application tool and therefore an extension in tool and battery life.

Compared with Drywall Screw Manufacturers designs – TENZ Stairs Technology reduces friction along the thread and significantly minimises the screw-in torque. This benefits the users as lower forces acting on wrists will make easy application of the TENZ screw and an increase in motivation and safety

The product is characterised by high technical parameters

The frame plug fixing is equipped with TX drive, which ensures optimum transfer of torque. An SW-10 hex head allows the tightening of the screw with given force (e..


The product is characterised by high technical parameters – for example it offers characteristic resistance for use in concrete pull-out failure of 4.KPS-FAST 8 can be used in a variety of different substrates including concrete, solid clay brick, perforated clay brick, as well as autoclaved aerated concrete.g with torque wrench).


Frame plug anchor for concrete and masonry 08 November 2017 Klimas Wkret-met’s frame plug, KPS-FAST 8 with flanged hex head screw, is an anchor for multiple use in concrete and masonry for non-structural applications and can provide push-through installation for various elements such as blinds, sunshades,


kitchen units, shelves, brackets, and lighting fixtures. Reduced thread provides precision of installation of the screw and increased expansion force in the second expansion zone. 


KPS-FAST 8 is available with three types of screw: Zinc plated screw (KPS-FAST 8 K), A4 steel screw (KPS-FAST 8 K A4 – produced to order) and hot-dip galvanised screw (KPS-FAST 8 K OO – produced to order).5kN (for concrete C16 / C20), and a characteristic bending resistance of 14Nm in concrete. The sleeve is also produced using the highest quality nylon